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Emergency Telephone dialer

This device is aimed at improving the response time of emergency help or services in times of crisis. It notifies four different institutions or individuals of an emergency of any kind. Medical emergencies, attacks, burglaries, fires or any emergency. Saving Time and Lives is what it is all about !


Who needs it ?

Senior citizens living alone
Anyone with a serious medical condition
Care givers looking after the seriously ill
People living in isolated or high risk areas (farms or plots)
Anyone working in a high risk environment
Children left at home or being attended by a nanny




Calls for assistance when you are unable to do so due to an emergency
Easy to activate and install
No need to phone, device phones automatically when activated
A user pre recorded emergency message sent to someone who can help
Quicker and life saving response in case of emergencies
Compatible with alarm system so any emergency can be attended to


The Product and components


The Product and components

Transmitter worn around the neck triggered through one quick pull of the cord
Receiver that starts dialing 4 telephone numbers as soon as signal is transmitted
Intelligent Dialer that will keep on dialing until the call is answered and then plays back a pre recorded emergency message
Battery backup ensures operation at all times
Compatible with most alarm systems


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